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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

CATHY SULLIVAN – TRAVEL MANAGER  You’d be hard pressed to find a more experienced and friendly travel professional than Cathy. With more than 25 years as owner and manager of Eastern Hill Travel, Cathy has your best interests in mind when arranging your travel. Cathy’s reputation as a quality travel professional amongst our suppliers ensures we receive great support behind the scenes from airlines, hotels, and tour companies. To get in touch with Cathy email

PAUL GARDNER – BUSINESS MANAGER  Paul is the co-owner of Eastern Hill Travel and looks after the operational and accounting aspects of the business. However he does occasionally get into the travel consulting side of the business, especially if we’ve sent some of the team away to learn about new destinations. Paul can contacted by emailing

MEG RIGHELE – CORPORATE TRAVEL SPECIALIST  For all your business travel needs, Meg is the person to contact in our office. She looks after the specialised needs of our very important corporate clients, whether it’s short haul or long haul and including those complicated or remote destinations. Meg takes great pride in making sure all of our business customers’ needs are completely met, including airline and hotel preferences. Just advise Meg of the destination and the date – she’ll take care of the rest. If you travel for business email Meg on

SHARLENE VAGG – YOUR TRAVEL SPECIALIST  If worldwide touring, cruise holidays, or family trips are your thing, you need to meet Sharlene. She is an expert in that kind of travel. Sharlene has been in the travel industry for over 20 years, and has a dedicated following of clients who come back to her year after year for the expert, quality service she gives them. We’re very proud to have her working with us, to help all of our clients needing to arrange a relaxing holiday. If you’re ready for a break Sharlene can be contacted on

RACHELLE EVANS – YOUR TRAVEL SPECIALIST  Rachelle has worked alongside Cathy at Eastern Hill Travel for over ten years specialising in corporate travel. Rachelle took a break to have her two gorgeous children, but is now back with us 3 days a week looking after mostly leisure travel. We’re really pleased Rachelle chose to come back and work with us - she has fantastic destination knowledge, understands what you need, and can package up all types of interesting trips for you. Rachelle is available on Monday, Thursday, and Friday on